Beagle: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

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Beagle: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Beagle: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

A popular hound dog since ancient times is the beagle. Possibly, the English word “beagle” originates from the French word “bégueule,” translated as “loudmouth.” Beagles have a very loud voice and frequently. Among other things, they will talk about anything from wanting to eat to see a squirrel. Beagle puppies have fun-loving and energetic personalities when living with their families.

Beagles were used to hunt rabbits and made great hunters. Beagles have a reputation for being great centers. They have more than 220 smell receptors. For this reason, they can pick up environmental data.

A beagle has a strong sense of smell even smelling pregnancy.

Facts about beagle puppies

The beagles have a lot of talent. Beagle puppies are playful and friendly creatures who are great pets! However, they require a lot of training.

Size Medium.

The beagle comes in two varieties. One kind grows to be 13 inches tall or less and weighs under 20 pounds, whereas the larger variety can reach heights of 13–15 inches and weigh between 20–30 pounds.


In case you decide to get a beagle, it will have a unique personality. Beagles are prone to energy outbursts that are tempered with exercise and play.

Grooming and Health Needs

Beagles have two coats that get thicker during the winter. They shed most in spring. Brushing the coat once a week helps it stay strong and promotes new growth, too.


Having a Beagle is a social animal, which is why puppy classes are essential. Treats motivate your beagle puppy, and it helps to teach your puppy manners. They do not react well to harsh criticism, so rewarding the good and doing your best to ignore the bad will win them over.

Energy Level

Have you got an outdoor space? Want to check out a dog park? Dogs love to play and run. But they can also get lost. It is important to provide a fenced-in area that is both elevated and sunk. Some beagles have tunneled their way out.

Life span from 10 to 15 years old

Who is the best human for a beagle?

Due to the loving, sociable animals that they are, they enjoy a lively household, even with other pets. Backyards are perfect for this energetic pup since they have so much energy.

The Beagle is a vocal pup, which may not suit such a boisterous pup.

Getting a beagle

Adopting or purchasing a breeder of a new beagle puppy is a personal decision that should be researched. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources that will help you locate an organization that sells healthy, ethically-sourced beagle puppies.

Understanding what to expect, when purchasing a beagle puppy is imperative when caring for the animal.


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